Aviate Launcher for Android

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Stumbled across Aviate after reading a post on different Android Launchers, and after having time to try ADW Launcher, GoLauncher, and Nova Launcher, have to take my hat off to ThumbsUp Lab’s brilliantly organized launcher.

Day to day activities on a smartphone usually revolve around work or entertainment, which means having a multitude of apps to maintain and sift through. Aviate organized the most commonly found apps (Facebook, Evernote, Calendar, Email, etc.) automatically based on some preferences you set upon first use. Of course, you can customize which groups land on which screen like any other launcher, but the key to Aviate is how it switches application groups based on your location and activity.

Upon commencing travel, I found it knew I was “moving” and thoughtfully suggested some travel-based apps. When it knew I arrived at work, based on the address I provided upon setup, I was given the choice to add events to my calendar or send an email. Night mode was my favorite however as it’s the time I usually read the days news. Yahoo News pulls from your local country, so it’s at least relevant, and is learning my taste for technology news well.

Definitely give Aviate a try!